About Us

The Queensland Promoting Excellence Network (Q-PEN) formed during implementation of the ALTC funded Promoting Excellence Initiative (PEI 2008-2011) and grew out of a shared commitment to quality in learning and teaching within teams of professional staff and learning leaders from all 11 Queensland member institutions. Q-PEN embraced the spirit of collaboration for excellence promoted by the ALTC and has made use of shared resources, creativity, and innovation to improve systems and outcomes in member institutions as well as contributing to the national quality agenda.

    Q-PEN memebers

The aims and objectives for Q-PEN include:

  • Developing sustainable and shared systems and approaches for fostering collaborative grant applications
  • Collaborating on dissemination of grant outcomes
  • Identifying effective ways of showcasing good practice in learning and teaching (such as joint seminars with national award winners)
  • Developing inter-institutional strategies for sharing resources and innovations for enhancing learning and teaching
  • Benchmarking activities to enhance policies and processes
  • Providing support for and professional development of institutional and awards grant staff
  • Maintaining strong links with Discipline and Fellows’ Networks to explore points of intersection for mutual benefit
  • Fostering effective communications with DISSRTE.

Key Members

(As of October 1, 2013)

  • Fernando Padro (Project Leader)
  • Georgia Smeal
  • Rae-Anne Diehm
  • Marlene Page
  • Jill Jones (Project Manager)

Inaugural Leadership Team

  • Karen van Haeringen (Project Leader)
  • Georgia Smeal
  • Rae-Anne Diehm
  • Tania Stevenson
  • Georgina Tkacz (Project Manager)
QPEN value statement